Happy new year! 2022 added to the pages.


Happy new year! 2021 added to the pages.


Fmi.fi weather forecast and sunrise-sunset.org sunrise/sunset times fixed on front page.


Updated the temperature page, 2019 is over and 2020 has been added.


Server time on front page had malfunctioned. Fixed, but the clock no longer updates actively. Instead, it shows Mäntsälä local time when the page was loaded.


Updated the temperature page, 2018 is over and 2019 has been added.


Due to device malfunction, wind speed graphs are not updated. I do not have a spare device, so wind speed will remain broken until further notice.


Updated the Equipment-subpage.


Transition to daylight savings time changed the way sunrise and sunset information is put together, causing sunrise and sunset times to malfunction. This has now been fixed.


For some reason, sunrise and sunset times are not always visible on the front page. Investigating: Apparently api.sunrise-sunset.org DNS query fails intermittently.


Statistics have been updated. 2017 has been wrapped up and 2018 graphs are now available.


Forecast and sunrise / sunset times fixed on front page.
Temperature data feed to database was broken again between starting yesterday morning until today morning, approx. 30 hours altogether. I need to create a watchdog for the python script responsible for data feed --> Todo list. (Update: Done)


Transition to normal time from daylight savings broke sunrise and sunset and 4 h forecast. These features do not currently work on front page. Will be fixed when free time permits.


English language version updated and is now on par with Finnish version.


Modified forecast time stamp calculation method. It should now work even over daylight savings transitions. Remains to be seen - the next DST change is within two weeks.


Sunrise and sunset data visible on front page again. Backend service relies now on sunrise-sunset.org API service.


This info page was established.
Forecasts from Darksky.net service have been broken since August. Changed API to Finnish Meteorological Institute for forecast data. They do not provide sunrise or sunset data so this data is not currently available on my page either.


Raspberry Pi memory card malfunctioned, resulting in no data saved between 21.2. - 25.3. Since data was not stored on the card, backups did not work either.


Forecast added to the front page. Backend implemented using Darksky.net API.